Theta Healing

Is an amazing quantum therapy that clears beliefs and blocks that are stopping you from moving forward. It clears and energetically disconnects you from your past so your future may shine.

We tend to carry baggage with us from past experiences and this usually inhibits us from being free from these negative experiences, such as a bad relationship, trauma as a child.

Theta healing can also be used to clear negative or foreign energies in your home and then download the house with positive energy and blessings.

This is really great for when you move into a house and can clear the past owners energies so they don’t affect you, ie if the couple you bought the house of argued a lot and ended up separating the house will have a lot of this energy so you are more likely to start arguing more that usual.


Theta healing is a powerful technique that allows you to quickly identify limiting belief systems , dissolve deeply held blocks and reprogram the unconscious mind. It works on the theta brain waves which is the meditative state and is a form of quantum healing.

An example of a theta healing session would be firstly to clear any negative energies or attachments that the person has taken on from other people and then look at what beliefs we need to clear and what contracts we need to break and clear as well. Such as past relationships, drugs, alcohol, food, family, friends, people that have bought unhappiness into our life, work places, jobs, illnesses. We then download positives to this so you are no longer living your life with these having an impact on your life.

We can also clear past life experiences, heal broken souls and go back to the womb, talk to your higher self or guardian angel.

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