Herbal Medicine

We have relied on herbal medicine for centuries. They are a food to nourish our body.

As hipprocates (father of medicine) said “your food shall be your remedies and your remedies shall be your food”

A lot of the pharmaceutical drugs are actually derived from the herbs we use. They are broken up into separate constituents and then made synthetically. The problem with this is that they end up having side effects as they are not in their whole form and they need the other constituents to have a healing effect.

Herbs don’t override any of the bodies systems or pathways. They give the body support so it can heal wherever it needs to heal. Its like giving good healthy oil and petrol to a car. We cant function at a healthy and well level if we don’t nurture and support our body.

Herbs are unique in that they help regulate and support our immune system, adrenal and thyroid function, liver detoxification, gut function and cardiovascular function.

Herbal medicine is pretty amazing as it can regulate inflammation in the body and that in turn helps our mental health. There is a huge link between inflammation in the gut and our brain. As soon as we start supporting gut health and liver function we feel better mentally.

Herbal medicine has a huge advantage over pharmaceutical drugs in that they restore immune function, support out nervous system and just make us feel well.

Herbal medicine has a huge amount of scientific evidence to back it up and it helps your body become well again. Unfortunately mainstream medicine is not wellness based. Its based on suppression of whatever signs and symptoms you have with drugs that are toxic to our body. They put pressure on our gut and liver and long term wise end up becoming more dangerous for our health than the actual health problem you had to start off with. The great thing about herbal medicine is that it is safe and not toxic and feeds our body nutrients. they act as a synergistic medicine where it supports our body where it needs it and provides it with a means of becoming well again and has hundreds of years of clinical trials.

Its amazing that as soon as we start to support and feed our body what it needs it starts to heal. The hardest part is undoing the damage the drugs have done and getting the body to start working again instead of relying on pharmaceutical medication.

The quality of herbs we use are of the highest available in the world and are Australian owned and tested with compliance above pharmaceutical GMP. The founder of Mediherb Kerry Bone is very passionate about herbal medicine and is a world leading herbalist respected all over the world.

Professor Kerry Bones philosophy is “our passion at MediHerb is to unlock the healing power of plants by combining the time-honoured wisdom of traditional knowledge with sound clinical experience and the rigour of scientific research.”

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