Nutritional Medicine

The whole reason we eat and drink is to provide our body with nutrients so our body can function.

Unfortunately the food we eat today is very poor in nutrients and processed foods tend to leach nutrients out of our body. Our soil no longer contains magnesium and our farming practices are depleting our nutrient stores in the soil. Even just getting Vitamin D is a huge problem now due to not spending enough time outside in the sun and this is so essential for our immune system.

Nutrient deficiency is actually the second biggest killer along with high blood pressure in Australia.

In the one time in history where we actually have every food available for us to eat and our standard of living is at its highest, we actually have the highest rate of auto-immune disease and chronic disease in history. It is actually the first time in history where our children will actually NOT live longer than their parents. We are seeing children develop fatty liver disease due to high processed , sugar diets and low whole foods when we have only been seeing this in alcoholics and elderly. Diabetes is becoming prevalent in children and young adults due to being exposed to processed high sugar diets from a young age, It comes down to our lifestyle and time to prepare good food. Our lifestyle is busy and most parents work full time leaving little time or energy to put into our food.

Unfortunately compared to 15 years ago, nutrient supplementation is now essential. We just are not getting enough of what we need through food.

Research has actually found that 90%of people who suffer from depression or and anxiety are actually deficient in B vitamins and magnesium. These two things are essential for the neuro transmitters in the brain to function properly. Its also the same with good oils. These are essential for brain health and to reduce inflammation. By covering basic nutrition we mentally feel happier and healthier and have more motivation to be able to eat well. A much better choice to anti- depressants is making sure you are covering your basic nutrients and much better for your brain health.

Most females are deficient in magnesium. This is essential for the mitochondria in the cells of the body to produce energy, Magnesium balances our blood sugars and blood pressure and is essential in relaxing our muscles and helping them recover after exercise. A majority of females suffer from low energy and sugar cravings. This in turn causes you to eat more sugar and deplete yourself of more nutrients and more energy, it’s a vicious cycle.

The main thing you need to know about nutrient supplements is which ones are actually going to be absorbed and taken up by the body.

Unfortunately anything you buy off the shelf does not have to stand up to any standards. There is no regulation by the TGA on supplements off the shelf and studies have actually shown that at least 60% of what you buy is either poor forms of the nutrient or not even what it says it is.

Fish oils are a big example of this as you are buying fish oil capsules but they contain hardly any EPA or DHA so will not work at a therapeutic level. Same goes for pregnancy supplements.

Anything you get off a naturopath has to be at a therapeutic level and they have to abide by TGA standards. They are absorbed by the body and are in their best forms. You need a script for these supplements as they are at a lot higher level than off the shelf.

Food as Medicine

I am a big believer in you are what you absorb. Food has a huge effect on our health. The more toxins and processed food you eat, the more inflamed your body becomes.

Most of the diseases we are suffering from are inflammatory and a majority of our diet is inflammatory. Unfortunately our food has changed a lot over the past 30 years and is a lot more processed, genetically modified and high in sugar and artificial preservatives and colors. The most acidic and inflammatory foods for our gut are wheat, dairy milk and sugar. The wheat we eat in Australia has been scientifically linked to inflammation due to the protein in the wheat being changed over the last 20 years. It is genetically modified and our gut cannot cope with it. The same goes for dairy milk. Because of the all the modifications it goes through before it gets put in a carton it is now acidic for our body. Milk straight from the cow is alkaline, but that’s now not a viable source, even though that’s we have been drinking for centuries. Yogurt and cheeses aren’t as bad as they are fermented so a lot easier for our body the break down.

Everyone is different so the same diet wont suite everyone. We go through what foods are needed by your body and customise your diet so that it is best suited to you and make sure your diet is providing you with enough of the essential nutrients you need such as protein, good fats and carbohydrates. The brain relies on certain nutrients , same with the immune system and liver function, so making sure you are getting these basic nutrients is essential.

Only 30% of Australian Adults are getting the required nutrients and 3% of children. This is an astounding statistic and makes us realise that most illnesses are caused from lack of nutrition and that it is so preventable just by changing our diet and making sure we are supplementing with good quality nutrients where needed.

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