We usually become unwell for a reason. The body is trying to tell us we need to change something. For example: we are deficient in nutrients; we need to slow down or eat properly.

Over the last fifteen years that I have been practising as a naturopath I have seen people turn their whole life around and take back control of their health. I have also consulted people who have just wanted something to make them better and not willing to change or take responsibility for their health.

The whole philosophy of this clinic is to embrace who you are and to learn to listen to your body and become more aware of what its trying to tell you.

It doesn’t matter how well you eat or how fit you are if there is unbalance between happiness and physical health. I learnt that the hard way.

I originally became a naturopath because I was suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. It started off as glandular fever and just kept getting worse. None could seem to help me and the only solution seemed to be antibiotics. I was studying nursing at university and was forcing myself to do it as that was what I got into even though it was one of my last choices. I was also travelling down to Melbourne a few times a week for netball at a state level. Lifestyle was not the greatest with a typical uni life, partying and drinking. Combining all this together my body physically and mentally was becoming exhausted and I just kept pushing it. Eventually the body makes you slow down by getting sick and if you don’t listen to it it makes you even more tired.

The health professionals I consulted never told me to slow down and rest or went through my diet. I decided to take back control of my health myself and quit nursing and changed my diet and started nurturing myself.

Its very easy to loose ourselves and what’s important to us and what makes us happy.


This clinic is about guiding and supporting you on your journey to staying well and happy physically and mentally.

Its about the ultimate in healing. If you want to become well and heal then this is where you come.